The exhibition booth of Berlin Packaging at the SITEVI Montpellier trade show by Them’s Concept

The Them’s Concept teams were present at SITEV Montpellier exhibition for the custom exhibition stand design of Berlin Packaging.

SITEVI Montpellier exhibition

The SITEVI (International Exhibition of Equipment and Techniques for Vine-Wine, Olive, Fruit, and Vegetable Productions) is a major professional trade show dedicated to the agricultural sector, specifically viticulture, olive growing, and the production of fruits and vegetables. It takes place at the Montpellier Exhibition Center in France and is an essential event for industry stakeholders interested in the latest innovations, technologies, and equipment related to these sectors.

Exhibitors showcase a wide range of products, from agricultural machinery to cutting-edge technologies and services tailored to vineyards, olive groves, and vegetable farming.

One distinctive feature of SITEVI is its biennial alternation with the Vinitech-Sifel exhibition held in Bordeaux.


Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging is specialized in packaging and packaging solutions for various industrial sectors, including beverages, food, cosmetics, and more. They notably own the Le Parfait brand, with several of its products showcased at the stand.

We invite you to explore their booth at location A3 A044.

Berlin Packaging and Them’s Concept: a customized exhibition booth providing numerous product display areas.

Them’s Concept is delighted to collaborate with Berlin Packaging for this new edition of the SITEVI Montpellier trade show, overseeing the design and realization of this custom booth.

The booth features various product display areas, including backlit pillars and niches, a traversing piece of furniture, and various shelves, allowing for the presentation of numerous bottles and jars.

Numerous discussion spaces are available, facilitating multiple simultaneous meetings. The discussion areas are diverse, with some enclosed for more confidential exchanges. A bar counter provides a waiting area for partners and creates a welcoming atmosphere. An original touch is added to the space through the use of Le Parfait jars suspended above the bar area.



Them’s Concept, a stand design company, is a regular participant in the editions of SITEVI and Vinitech-Sifel

Our teams at Them’s Concept operate at the SITEVI Montpellier and Vinitech-Sifel Bordeaux trade shows every year, providing expertise for all your custom booth projects.


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