Qui sommes nous ?

An innovative design agency

With a 20-year experience, Them’s Concept puts its expertise at the service of your identity. From the design and layout of professional spaces (exhibition stands, showrooms, merchandising) to the organisation of events, our agency will highlight your brand.

In a context where pre-formatted identity is no longer appropriate, where images follow one another and look alike without ever separating from each other, it is essential to distinguish oneself. In this sense, Them’s Concept brings you the rarity, uniqueness and differentiation necessary to create a strong visual identity.

In addition, Them’s Concept agency offers personalized support in the search for your brand identity.

However, our mission is not only to create a spectacular visual, it is also to give it meaning by imbuing us with the values of your company and its DNA.

This is Them’s Concept’s commitment.


Régis Castillon,

Founder / CEO